Since a couple of semesters we offer an additional service for you: oral exam protocols!

It works like this: In case you have to take an oral exam you record a protocol right after your exam (Prüfung eintragen). The protocols are being collected and made accessible for everyone. This way your fellow students who have to take this exam in the future can inform themselves about the exam’s style and main topics. Therefore a better preparation regarding the examiner’s requirements can be established.

By no means is it a way to avoid proper studying though!

Getting access to protocols

You can request a look at protocols at any given time. Just send us an Email (fsr1@tu-freiberg.de) with the subject “Prüfungsprotokoll” and list your desired courses in the text. If you want to get insight into a protocol you just have to follow one rule:

  • One who makes use of a protocol has to fill out a detailed protocol of their exam themselves!